The incredible success story of Steve Jobs!

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography I Pre-order Now at Special Price. Releasing on End October 2011

The incredible success story of Steve Jobs!

Steve Jobs passing away has created a sudden spike in interest in books based on his life. Being a true revolutionary of his generation everybody wants to know what made him tick and what probably was his secret to success. The latest and possibly the most personal book Steve Jobs – The Exclusive Biography will available from the last week of October in India. Bookstores both online and bookchains report unprecedented queries from readers on this book which is supposed to be his authorized memoirs.

There have been a lot of books written on Mr. Jobs including- iCon, The Steve Jobs way, Presentation secrets of Steve Jobs. All these books provide a unique insight into what drove the man to achieve so much and with so much passion.

The new Biography would probably give us more insight to the life of Mr. Jobs In a more personal manner as the author was called by Mr. Jobs himself to write his biography in 2004. Probably Mr. Jobs knew that the end was near and wished to put together a book that would serve as inspiration for future generation of entrepreneurs and anyone with an idea to believe in oneself and relentlessly pursue it.

The book Steve Jobs : The Exclusive Biography features on our this month’s specials at and is available at a super discount of 33% at Rs. 539 with free home delivery.

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