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rediscover reading

Reading is one of the most pleasurable and private moments we can have with ourselves. In a flip of a page you could transcend time, countries and people and at the same time learn so much more.

With reading we discover ourselves, our likes, dislikes, our passions, places we’d like to go, things we like to do. Such is the power of reading that it transports you into our own personal odyssey of wonderful and unforgettable experiences.

We at wish to bring back the magic of reading in our lives. The magic of holding a book, rustle through the pages, immerse ourselves in prose, poetry and pictures and feel every word come alive.

It is this endeavor that made us start this enterprise to bring affordability and variety to our customers. So feel free to flip through our endless catalogue of books and magazines to cater to every hobby, interest and whim of yours.

Begin your journey of discovery with one single step… Turn the page.

Welcome to… rediscover reading.

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